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Fast Money Alerts is the leading stock newsletter.

Run by full-time investing professionals, Fast Money Alerts delivers all the penny stocks to watch and the hottest penny stocks to buy to help everyday investors supercharge their investment portfolio. The team also teach members to become successful traders, allowing them to grow their investment portfolio, net worth and secure their financial future.

The Fast Money Alerts team is experienced and dedicated to bringing our subscribers the hottest penny stocks to watch and the very best penny stocks to buy, with the highest probability of success – all with the goal of making fast money!

In addition, we help educated our members with market and company insight and analysis, as well as invaluable investing and trading education, not offered anywhere else!

Last year, our stock picks collectively increased 4,974%.

If you followed all our picks last year, you could have turned $5,000 into $248,700!!!

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Our alerts, analysis, tips and education have helped thousands of subscribers become successful, profitable investors.

Our team uncovers the right penny stocks to watch every day in the markets and alerts you to the best penny stocks to buy right now, giving you in-depth analysis and insight into the best stocks for short and long term trading opportunities, providing substantial gains for members in any environment – bull or bear market.

Why Penny Stocks?

Small and micro cap stocks, often called “penny stocks”, are a generally misunderstood investing and trading vehicle. Many “gurus” and market pundits label these stocks as too risky.

The truth is however, small and micro cap stocks often provide the best opportunities for substantial gains, in the shortest possible time frame. And while they can be risky, just as any stock is, with a little education, and our list of penny stocks, these risks can be minimized – while gains are maximized.

FAST MONEY ALERTS is the #1 Source for Penny Stocks to Watch and the Best Penny Stocks

We provide our members with the best…

fast money alert researchTop Quality Research & Analysis
fast money alerts picksTimely, Profitable Stock Picks & Alerts
fast money educationMastery Education on Trading & Investing

Fast Money Alerts Track Record

We are extremely proud of our track record. Fast Money Alerts is one of the few investment newsletters that provide subscribers with a combination of quality education and profitable stock picks & alerts.

We have a long and proud history of consistently alerting members to the best stocks to watch and top penny stocks that have potential to provide significant gains.

Last year, in a period of less than five months, 25 of our alerts were the biggest gainers in the entire market for cumulative gains of 3,187%.

Imagine investing a small amount in each of those picks. If you did, you could have turned $5,000 into $159,350 – in less than 5 months!!!

These gains are unheard of… legendary. That’s why we’re called Fast Money Alerts. Nobody alerts bigger or faster than us.

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